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Build Your Makeup Collection With These Simple Tips (For Beginners)

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Are you the one who is introduced to makeup recently? Do you want to build a makeup collection but don't know where to start?

Don't fret. We have listed all the makeup products you need to have in your collection as a beginner. From Veil Sunset Light Primer to Lip and Cheek Palette, you need to have everything in your makeup

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The first thing you need to have in your makeup collection is the Veil Sunset Light Primer. This is one of the best products to keep your makeup intact all day long. It provides a smooth and even canvas for foundation and other products by hiding pores and preventing it from becoming oily. 

Now, protect your skin from getting into direct contact with other products that can ultimately damage your skin.


A beginner makeup enthusiast should look for a foundation with buildable coverage. It means just a tiny amount of it will spread on your entire face. You can use it for your everyday makeup look or can create a full-coverage look according to the requirement. 

However, if you doubt the look you want to create for a day, a natural look is all you can achieve with the foundation.

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Lightweight Buildable Sunset Concealer

Like foundation, concealer is the primary product in everyone's makeup collection. The Lightweight Buildable Sunset Concealer covers every odds in your face. 

From blemishes to dark circles, it makes your skin flawless and beautiful for the rest of your makeup. Moreover, beginners with no eye primer can use concealer as its substitute.

Highlighter And Bronzer

Bronzer and highlighter are a must in the beginner's makeup collection. The one contours your face while the other gives a glow to your skin. You can have a powder bronzer or a contour stick to create a nice tan and shape for your face. 

Highlight your cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupid's bow, and chin, and define your facial features with a highlighter. A light highlighter is what you will need to apply with your fingertips effortlessly.

Cheeks And Lips

For blush and lips, you can opt for the Lip and Cheek Palette. It is a versatile palette and is suitable for beginners.  This 2 in 1 palette is travel-friendly and saves much of your time when you have to board for an essential trip or meeting.

Eyeliner And Mascara

Eyeliner and mascara are the essential makeup conventional everyone has in their makeup collection. 

Achieve your everyday go-to look with flawless winged eyes and voluminous lash. It is relatively tough to create a perfect wing for the first time. So, look for an eyeliner with a stencil to draw a sharp and pointed wing without any struggle.

A voluminous and lengthening lashes are all you need to enhance those flawless wings further. For office or evening, apply a few coats and let your eyes do all the talking.

Eyeshadow Palette

Have you just begun to build your makeup collection? Then, you need a guided eyeshadow palette purchase. Instead of stuffing your makeup kits with different single eyeshadow pots, buy a neutral shade eyeshadow palette and create numerous classic looks with it.

Makeup Sponge

A makeup sponge is a quintessential product in the makeup collection. Without it, you won't be able to apply your foundation and concealer evenly and end up getting a cakey texture to your skin. 

Be your own kind of perfectionist 

A lot of makeup products act as a substitute for each other. Having the best one will save your day and make you the center of attraction at the evening party because "Life isn't perfect but, our makeup can be."